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The key to successful investing is in the power of knowledge. Coin and Treasure prides itself on taking a long-term and active role in the numismatic community. Serving a national client-base, Coin and Treasure offers many levels of expertise for all levels of collectors. We encourage you to browse our online selection of rare current inventory, Morgan Dollars and Proof Sets and contact us with any questions that you may have. We provide prompt and discreet service for all your rare coin needs.

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Coin and Treasure, buying your gold, silver, and platinum products for over 30 years in Lafayette, LA.

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$20 1910-S Gold Double Eagle Saint Gaudens, NGC AU58 #2644368-013

<p> <strong><em><u>$20 1910-S Gold Double Eagle Saint Gaudens, NGC AU58 #2644368-013. </u></em></strong>President Theodore Roosevelt made it his personal project to redesign American coinage as he believed a nation as great as America deserved to have coinage that would reflect the country's vision and power. In 1905 he commissioned famed sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens to begin on designs. Saint-Gaudens began on the double eagle and the result is what is known as the 1907 Ultra High Relief $20 gold piece which was never released as business strike coinage. The ultra-high relief design is what both Saint-Gaudens and Roosevelt envisioned for the coinage but the minting techniques of the period were not conducive to the production of these coins. Dubbed America's most beautiful coin, few were minted as presentation pieces and are quite expensive. Chief Mint Engraver, Charles Barber, retooled the Saint- Gaudens design to a lower relief and changed the Roman Numeral MCMVII to the Arabic 1907. Although Saint-Gaudens denounced the Barber changes, President Roosevelt was pleased with the result and "America's most beautiful coin" was put into circulation. Trends is $1500 and the Collector's Universe list is $1500.</p>